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Banshee 02x10 || Bullets and Tears || Season Final significant deaths. ||

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Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ! That season finale of #Banshee Origins ! it was a slaughter lol But man was it good ! Can’t believe all that happened in ONE episode ! 

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Paul Rudd’s dancing on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon :D [x]

Saturday night. Go wild!

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"You’re not answering the question."

"I’m trying to answer the question.”

"So you’re saying she’s lying? That the letter is just a fiction?"

"I’m saying that my relationship with her is a complex one, that it’s hard for me to understand at times. But what is clear is that she desperately wants to leave this place and will say anything in order to make me go with her."

"Oh, for fuck’s sake, enough! This is what we do: you orate and you dissemble, and I look the other way, convince myself that supporting you is in everybody’s interests. But not today. Not after what happened last night.”

"After what happened last night?"

"What happened to Billy, Captain?"

"He fell. Why? What are you saying happened?"

"He thought you saw us all as expendable."


"Pawns to be used for your own ends."

"I have fought and bled alongside my men. I have sacrificed more than you could possibly know for their futures."

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